Preschool registration for 2023/24 school year:

In order to register for preschool, you will need to set up an online account. Please use this link to obtain instructions. Your online account can be set up prior to the 8:30 am registration time. 

At 8:30 am on February 9th, you can visit and sign in to select your child's preferred class. Note that class registration is not available until 8:30 am. Please register for one class ONLY (You will be charged a non-refundable fee for every registered class). If you are on a waitlist, we will contact you about availability.   Enrollment is not finalized until you receive an email confirmation from Preschool Director, Jamie Carr. 

Programs Available:

Below are the choices for the 2023/24 school year. Contact Jamie Carr, Director,  or 412-440-0509 for more information .

 Two or Three Day Class for Two Year-Olds :

  • Children must be two by May 1
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning classes
  • Tuesday and Thursday morning and afternoon classes
  • 9:15 - 11:30 
  • 12:15-2:30 

 In this two year old class a great deal of time is devoted to the mastering of separation and the development of new relationships.  The class is centered on simple exploration and investigation.

Three Year-Olds:

  • Children must be three by September 1st 
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and afternoon classes
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning and afternoon classes
  • Tuesday, Thursday morning and afternoon classes
  • Morning classes: 9:15-11:45
  • Afternoon classes: 12:30-3:00

In this program we help develop and enhance the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills of every child. Each session has a variety of activities including circle time, story time, music, art, free play and teacher directed activities.

Four Year-Olds:

  • Children must be four by September 1
  • Monday - Thursday morning and afternoon
  • Morning classes 9:00 - 11:30
  • Afternoon 12:30-3:00
  • Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 2:00

The four day children will experience many hands on activities that are developmentally appropriate for four year-olds. We offer a curriculum with an excellent balance between structured and freelance play. Each session has a variety of activities that will enable your child to begin to prepare for Kindergarten.

Four-and-a-half and Five Year Olds:

  • Children must be four and a half by September 1st
  • Children must have previous preschool experience
  • Classes offered Monday thru Friday
  • Monday-Thursday 9-2 and Fridays 9-11:30

The five day program is geared to giving your child greater responsibility in the classroom and encouraging independent thinking and problem solving skills. We offer hands on activities that develop skills that are needed for Kindergarten readiness. We further enhance the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of every child with an emphasis on developmentally appropriate practices.

ENRICHMENT CLASSES: This class is offered to students enrolled in our 3, 4 and 5 year old classes.  A variety of enriching activities are offered through the year. "STEAM" activities are explored, "Book and Cook" is when we read a story and make the food from the story in our kitchen and "Fitness Fridays" is our mini gym class.   The children bring their own packed lunches.  Each class is $20 and sign-ups are available monthly.  

To enhance our curriculum we provide a monthly Science, Music and Yoga class for the children. The Whitehall Librarian reads and visits every class and collaboratively we implemented a remote library.  All rooms are equipped with WiFi, televisions with Apple TV and iPads.  We also have an outdoor play area called God's Garden, an asset for the children to explore and experiment with nature.