Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests: Apel Family, DeAnna Ballard, Baby Owen, Nancie Burtch, Bonnie Deal, Byron, Lou Denes, Lorraine Graham, Bonnie Katilius, Glenn Marshall, Mike Musil, and Lenore Smith

 Remember These Homebound Persons: Whaneta Ames, Judy Campbell, Dee Heilman, William Ivey, Ruth Keeler, Barbara Kelly, Jim Malcolm, Robert Mehaffey, Lois Molt, Hazel Monahan, Robert Pease, Stell Reid, Dolores Schroeder, Donald Strang, Tillie Stoker, Cassie Trushel, Joann Wilson, and Norma Young

 Ministries: Bread for the World, Daily Bread, 8th Avenue Place, Lord’s Pantry, Silver Seekers, TNC Hearing Innovation, UMCOR

 Please submit any prayer requests or praises below, and let us know if you'd like follow up.  Pastor Pamela Gardner will receive the information.

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