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Eighth Avenue Place
Eighth Avenue is a Christian Ministry coffee house located in Homestead. Its mission is to help support the effects of addiction, mental illness and poverty through services and fellowship. Their primary focus is to build trust with God’s love and empower people to live dependent upon God. Eighth Avenue provides a variety of different needs including coffee, meals, counseling services and mostly a sense of community among those who may feel broken and alone. Eighth Avenue offers, Bible studies, recovery and prayer meetings, counseling services, after school tutoring and other resources to refer people to in times of need. They have various opportunities for individuals and groups who have a desire to serve.

How we are involved?
Our Outreach team helps serve in many ways:
- Financial support as a Covenant Church
-Provide and serves the holiday meal and collects blessing bag items
-Scholarship funding for city youth to attend Jumonville summer camp
-Supports the tutoring program at Barrett Elementary
-Monthly visits and provides needed supplies to the coffee shop

Ways to get involved:

- Visit the coffee shop(MWF 7 am to 12 noon)
- Serve at the gathering dinners(1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month)
- Help serve at the annual Christmas dinner(3rd Saturday of December)
- Tutor/Mentor at the after school program
- Attend Wednesdays services twice a month(at the coffee shop 2nd and 4th)

For more information on serving: Contact Monica Kaufold 412-461-1619 or email at or
Our church’s Outreach Steward

Pittsburgh Mercy’s Operation Safety Net

The Outreach Team is doing a collection of items for Operation Safety Net to help the homeless of Allegheny County.

Items most needed:
Men’s & Women’s tube socks (white)
Feminine hygiene products
Men’s & Women’s underwear (L & XL only)
Men’s & Women’s deodorant
Giant Eagle, Walmart, and Payless gift cards
(We can use these to buy cases of water bottles to hand out, or we can use them to buy clothes and shoes directly for persons we serve.)

There will be bins around the church.
Thank you from the Outreach Team for your donations.
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College and Military Boxes

Several times a year, Baldwin Community sends boxes of snacks to our college age students and military church members while they are away from home.  This lets them know we support them, we want them to succeed and that we are thinking about them.

Support Youth Mission Trip

Supported our own Youth Group to participate in a Mission Trip to Redbird, Kentucky.  These mission trips help the youth realize the needs in our country and provide a way for them to have more fellowship with our Youth Leaders.