Youth Ministries

Youth group

Students 6th-12th Grade are encouraged to join us each Sunday evening, at 6:00-7:00pm for a Zoom call, during which we share a short devotional and play some great online games together. Spend some time with us each week laughing and having fun. 


The confirmation class is moving online! Starting on March 17th, the confirmation class will be meeting each Sunday at 4:00pm for four weeks. 


Online Week 1: 
Assign readings for lessons 30-31
Zoom Call - review lessons 28-29, discuss lessons 30-31

Online Week 2:
Assign readings for 33-34
Zoom Call - lessons 32-34 (32 is a starting point for the belief statements)

Online Week 3:
Assign readings for 35-37
Zoom Call - lessons 35-37

Online Week 4:
Statement of faith assignment
Zoom Call lessons 38-39


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Justin Pearl at or 412.882.9300 ext. 213.

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