Adult Discipleship


Ongoing Small Groups

Register for Fall small groups: HERE

Women’s Bible Study—“Do what you have the POWER to do”
There are several unnamed women in scriptures who meet Jesus and are changed forever.  Who are they?  How did Jesus treat them?  Please RSVP with Janise Daly or the church office to get your copy of the study book.
Mondays at 12:30pm, Sept 16-30, Oct 14-Nov 4
Contact: Rev. Pam Gardner, 

Men’s Ministry—“Ten Men of the Bible”
A new study is beginning in September on how God used imperfect people to change the world. We will follow the study guide by Max Lucado, “Ten Men of the Bible.”
2nd + 4 Tuesdays, 7:00pm, 2nd Floor Conf. Room
Contact: Mike Daly,   or 412-736-3025

Bible Study—“IMMEDIATELY!” The Gospel of Mark
Join us as we walk through the first, shortest, and most exciting of the gospels. What’s Jesus’ hurry? What is a “messiah”? Why does it all end so suddenly? 
2nd+ 4th Sundays, 4:00pm, Parlor
Contact: Justin Pearl, 

Devoted Disciples—The Gospel of John
Join a continuing chapter-by-chapter study of the Gospel of John in a friendly and inviting environment.
2nd + 4th Wednesdays, 7:00pm, the King residence
Contact: Steven King, 

Panera Small Group—“What Can I Say When…?”
Join with us as we look at Christian responses to some of the most challenging questions that you might face in your day-to-day life.
1st + 3rd Wednesdays, 6:30pm, Caste Village Panera Bread
Contact: Carol Coyle,    or Barb Semich,